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"The question is not
'Can they reason?',
nor 'Can they talk?',
but rather, 'Can they suffer?'"

Jeremy Bentham, English Philosopher


All of Heavenly Creatures' animals are placed in foster care, not housed in a traditional shelter. All viewings and adoptions are therefore by appointment only (weekday evenings and weekends available).

The animals displayed on our site are a sampling of the majority of those in our care, however some are not yet posted. For a complete list or to arrange a viewing appointment, call 739-0077.


Oreo's Profile:

- Spayed female
- Approx. 1-2 years
- FIV/Feleuk negative
- In foster care with another cat

About Oreo

Oreo came to us recently from a pound; she was brought in as a stray - she had been found by a dumpster - and wasn't claimed by her original owner.

Heavenly Creatures rescued Oreo from the pound, had all her vet work done, and placed her in a loving foster home.

Now all Oreo needs is an adoptive home - could that be with you?

Oreo's Foster Mom says:

"Oreo is a curious and playful little sweetheart.

She loves to play but also loves to snuggle with you; she's fallen asleep in my arms a few times and is absolutely precious.

She's a very gentle young cat who's never scratched us once even by accident since she arrived.

She doesn't mind being picked up and just pushes her paws at you and squirms a bit when she's ready to get down.

She also likes to investigate anything new thing she sees. She even gets along well with my cat at home, though it took them both a few days to adjust.

She will make a great companion for any cat lover. I only wish I could keep her myself, but I will be happy to see her go to a loving furrever home."

Interested In Adopting Oreo?

If you would like to make Oreo a purrmanent part of your life, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail info@heavenlycreatures.ca


Pumpkin's Profile:

  • Spayed female
  • Born in late 2009
  • Very affectionate
  • Not a match for a home with small kids, or rambunctious dogs

    About Pumpkin

    This cherub-faced beauty is very loving; she loves to cuddle and always appreciates being rubbed down.

    However, she is on the timid side with strangers and noisy situations, so needs a home that isn't too noisy/active.

    She is a calico, and is a typical one - like a lot of calicos and Torties, she would do best in a home that has no small kids, and either no other pets, or perhaps just one cat.

    She's a little chubby; she's not very active but does enjoy the occasional game with the laser pointer.

    She is an indoor cat and always had been.

    One of her favorite past times is looking out the window at the birds.

    Can this sweet bird watcher hang out on your window ledge?

    Pumpkin's Foster Mom Says:

    "She is doing great! Such a sweet kitty; she is very gentle.

    She loves belly rubs, and snuggling on the couch. She has met my mom and rolls over for a belly rub when she sees her!

    I have not had her around children or a dog but I think she could do well with both as long as they gave her space.

    Her favourite thing to do is hang out on the couch and look out the window at the birds!

    She is timid at times, but is also a pretty mellow kitty who just needs a calm household, and some company in between her many naps!"

    Interested In Adopting Pumpkin?

    If you are interested in adopting purry Pumpkin, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail info@heavenlycreatures.ca

  • Heavenly Bargains Thrift Store
    Heavenly Bargains Thrift Store

    Our Heavenly Bargains THRIFT STORE is now open for business!

    Our store is located at 3-7 Cashin Avenue (strip mall that is on the corner of Cashin Ave., and Mundy Pond Rd).

    Come get a glimpse of our store, check out the bargains, and a chat with fellow animal lovers!

    Store Hours

    Monday: Closed

    Tuesday: 12-6 p.m.

    Wednesday: 12-4 p.m.

    Thursday: 12-4 p.m.

    Friday: Closed

    Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Sunday: 12 noon to 5 p.m.

    Donation Drop-Off

    Do you have some used items you can donate to our thrift store?

    Our thrift store is powered by kindness! It's staffed completely by volunteers, and runs on donations of used items from kind people.

    We accept clothing (excepting infants' clothing), books, DVDs, knickknacks, pet items, purses, shoes, kitchenware - everything but furniture and older electronics (e.g. vcrs, old computer monitors, old tvs).

    Donations can be dropped off during our thrift store hours.


    Mitts' Profile:

    • Spayed female
    • Born in 2015
    • Loves other cats - must go to a home that includes another cat for company for her
    •  In a foster home with a dog
    • Not suitable for a home with small kids

    About Mitts

    Mitts came into Heavenly Creatures' care from a pound who had rescued Mitts and her siblings from a cat colony.

    Owing to the fact that Mitts was born on the street, she knew nothing about people, but thanks to the hard work of her foster parents she has learned what it is to be loved by humans and is now ready for adoption.

    However, she is - and will likely always be - a cat who who is on the shy side and needs a quiet home with just one or two adults.

    If you think you might have the right home for Mitts, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or info@heavenlycreatures.ca

    Mitts' Foster Mom Says:

    "Over the past weeks I have watched Mitts go from a terrified kitten to a silly little attention seeker. Mitts has come so far from her feral beginnings and I was truly blessed when she finally let me into her world.

    She is very food and toy motivated. Her favourite sound is the crinkle of the treat bag. Mitts, however, is still working on getting used to living with people and will need to go into a home who has lots of patience.

    She needs to be the one to call the shots, but once she trusts you it is an amazing feeling and she will shower you with lots of love.

    I am always greeted at the door when I come home and she spends most of her time following me around by weaving in and out of my legs.

    She loves being brushed and rubbed. She is all about the attention.

    Mitts bonds very quickly with other cats and dogs, so she would do best in a home with another cat, dog or both. She would not do well in a home with small children only because she would be to fearful if little kids started chasing or grabbing her. She needs to be able to make the first move.

    Mitts is a very clean and gentle cat, healthy eater, easy to brush, scratches her posts and not furniture. She was also never played with using hands, so she does not scratch or bit them. Toys, however, she will destroy. lol."

    Mitts Says:

    "Hi! I used to hide (a lot), but if you let me explore your house and you (I will totally check you out while you sleep) I will learn to trust you and discover that I am in a safe place. When I make you my family then we will have so much fun! I like to roll around on beds this is my way of asking for rubs. I love being touched and groomed.

    Playing with toys is so much fun! I jump all around and will carry my toys to you for playtime. If you are my family I hope you have catnip. I LOVE catnip!! When I am not playing or following you around I like to sleep in windows and cuddle in beds.

     Please help keep me safe. I really hope to find my family soon and I hope they have a new brother or sister for me to play with."

    Interested in adopting Mitts?

    If you would like to make this cutie part of your family, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail us: info@heavenlycreatures.ca


    Handsome's Profile:

    • Neutered male
    • FIV and Feleuk negative
    • Senior (unsure of exact age because be was a stray - approx. 9-10 years).
    • Bobtail
    • Gets along with other cats

    About Handsome

    Handsome is a very sweet boy who loves nothing more than to curl up in an empty lap. He LOVES people!

    He was found in a small cat colony that had taken up residence in a construction site.

    He is a natural redhead but isn't a natural bobtail; his tail had to be amputated because it was injured before he came to us and couldn't be saved.

    Handsome is pretty much perfect with one small caveat; he will sometimes poop right next to the litterbox on the newspaper instead of in it. However, that's a minor complaint and if you don't mind that you get a big cuddly orange bobtail boy.

    Handsome's foster parents think he is a lovely cat and would adopt him but one of their female cats has not warmed up to him, so he is looking for an adoptive home where he an spend his Golden Years.

    Interested in adopting Handsome?

    If you would like to make this pumpkin-coloured puddin' part of your family, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail info@heavenlycreatures.ca

    Posted Nov. 16th, 2016

    Heavenly Creatures has partnered with awesome local company St. John's Soap Works to have our supporters smelling wonderfully and helping strays at the same time!

    We'll be taking orders for their wicked locally-made bathbombs between tonight and sometime in early December (date to be announced soon) and Heavenly Creatures will receive half of all the proceeds! How cool is that?

    The bathbombs are $3 each (two for $6) and you can choose from the following delicious scents: blueberry, sweet orange, lavender, grape, strawberry, blue raspberry, peaches and cream, coconut, watermelon, juicy pear and mango.

    They make great stocking stuffers for others and wonderful treats for your hardworking animal-loving self :)

    *The bathbombs will be available for pick-up sometime between the 18th-22nd of December - we will contact everyone once they're ready.


    To order your bathbombs, send your order and e-transfer to HC volunteer Lesley at bathbombfundraiser@outlook.com (the password to use for the e-transfers is bathbombs)


    Callie's Profile:

    • Spayed female
    • Exact age unknown but she is estimated to be at least several years of age
    • Has lived with other cats
    • FIV/Feleuk negative
    • Not confident enough for a home with a young child
    About Callie

    Callie came to us late last year from a pound and before that had just come from an unfortunate situation where she had been living with 20 + other cats and kittens.

    We believe that she had multiple litters of kittens before coming into our care and being spayed, but she is fixed now and her mommy days are over!

    With so many other cats in the home and so many kittens, Callie never got enough time/attention for herself.

    She is in foster care with a single person and she is the only pet - she is eating up all the love!

    Callie's Foster Mom says:

    "Since Callie came to stay she has stolen my heart.

    She came from unfortunate beginnings but over time she has gained in trust and now cuddles and purrs constantly.

    As with most cats, it is on her terms, though; she likes to lay in my lap and loves attention, but while she tolerates being picked up it's not what she wants.

    She's curious, but never destructive. I have an apartment filled with plants that are intact, and got through Xmas (with a tree) without incident.

    I can't say for sure how she would be with another cat, but her temperament is certainly passive. If paired with a laid back cat, she would probably enjoy the company."

    Interested In Adopting Callie?

    If you would like to make sweet Callie a purrmanant part of your life, please leave us a message at 739-0077 or e-mail info@heavenlycreatures


    Sookie's Profile:

    • Spayed female
    • 4 years
    • FIV and Feleuk negative
    • In foster care with a dog
    • Good with other cats
    • Not suitable for a home with small children

    About Sookie

    Meet Sookie. This long-haired Tuxedo beauty is looking for a loving home to call her own!

    Sookie first came to us in the fall of 2012 as a kitten who had been born on the streets. She was adopted from us in early 2014, but had to be returned recently as there is a new baby in the house and Sookie wasn't adjusted well.

    This sweet girl needs a quiet (i.e. no small kids or rambunctious dogs) environment if she is to thrive; she has that kind of environment in her foster home so they have seen what a lovely cat she is.

    Sookie's Foster Mom Says:

    "Sookie is a shy and mannerly cat. She shys away from you at first but if you make her feel safe she will reward you with purrs and lots of patting.

    It was thought that she wasn't previously exposed to dogs but it didn't take her long to adapt to living with our senior dog.

    She will hide when we get company, but comes out after they are in the house for a short time.

    She uses her litter box faithfully, and has a good appetite; she will remind you when it's her meal time.

    She is an easy cat to share your home with."

    Interested In Adopting Sookie?

    If you would like to have a chat about making Sookie a purrmanant part of your life, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail us: info@heavenlycreatures.ca

    Posted Oct. 15th, 2013

    Peewee's Profile:

  • Male kitten
  • Dewormed
  • Littertrained
  • Would do well in a home with another cat

    Peewee's foster mom says:

    "Peewee. is doing great! What a change from the terrified little kitten I got a few weeks ago - he is now brave and noisy, demanding what he wants (food and attention).

    Peewee constantly craves attention. I think he would do well with other cats (but mine don't like him, so he's still kept separate).

    He's probably not best suited for a home with small children, but that's because he's a playful kitten so he likes hugging with claws. They would need to be careful around him, especially for the next few months, but after that it would probably fine.

    He's not a fan of being picked up, and will wriggle until you let him go, but I can pick him up (so can catch him if necessary). I don't know how he will be with other people (all of my friends who usually come over are out of town), but I would think it will take a week or so for him to adjust, maybe less.

    He's never bitten me, and the claws are playful (he doesn't swipe at me, and hasn't hissed in over a week). He's not a fan of being picked up, and will wriggle until you let him go, but I can pick him up (so can catch him if necessary). I don't know how he will be with other people (all of my friends who usually come over are out of town), but I would think it will take a week or so for him to adjust, maybe less. You or Vivien (or whoever) are welcome to come see him and see how he is with you.

  • Emma

    Emma's Profile:

    - Six years
    - Spayed
    - Declawed
    - Needs to be an only cat
    - Affectionate and playful

    About Emma

    Please don't laugh at Emma's haircut. Like many girls, she is sensitive about her looks (she had to be shaved owing to matting).

    Emma is a six-year-old spayed and declawed female who needs a home in which she can be queen of the castle.

    She is presently in a foster home that includes another declawed cat and she has been bullying him; her foster mom thinks she would do best in a home where she is the only pet and there are no small children.

    Emma may not like other cats but she is DESPERATE for attention from humans! Her foster mom describes her as a "Sweetie," and says she is very playful and affectionate.

    As you can see, she LOVES her tunnel toy!

    If you are looked to be owned/loved by just one cat, then Emma may be the girl for you!

    Interested In Adopting Emma?

    If you would like to make Emma a purrmanent part of your home, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail info@heavenlycreatures.ca

    Angus and Porter's Profile:

  • Neutered males
  • Born in spring of 2013
  •  Shy - needs an understanding, patient home or homes
  • Get along well with other cats
  • Needs feline company - they either need to go to a home together, or to homes that have other cats for company for them.
  • About Angus and Porter:

    Angus (and his brother Porter) came to us from a pound as older kittens just before Christmas. They were strays who had been living on the streets, and it was obvious they had been born outside - they were terrified of people.

    They've been in foster care since, and their foster parents have been working on socializing them.

    Progress has been made, but Angus is still very much on the timid side. Their new foster or adoptive home (s) need to be willing to work on continuing the socialization process.

    Angus and Porter's Foster Family Says:

    "They're much better around new people now. We were recently away, and the friend who came the most often even got to the point where he could pet Porter every time he came.

    We think they are as ready to be adopted as they will ever be. Angus loves to play and follows us around everywhere but just isn't interested in being touched. This may change eventually with the right family.

    We think that if they were able to go to a home or homes where there is possibly a mature cat that does not mind other cats, it would help to integrate them better.

    Unfortunately our cats are not very friendly in a helping sense and I don't think they would be very comfortable mingling about together and rather scared instead. Additionally a home where they would be the only cats would be good also, but they will definitely be scared at first for a while."

    Interested in fostering or adopting one or both of the boys?

    If you would like to discuss Angus and/or Porter, please call us at 739-0077, or e-mail us at info@heavenlycreatures.ca


    Sully's Profile:

  • Neutered male
  • Good with other cats
  • No good with dogs
  • FIV and Feleuk negative
  • Approx. 5 years old
  • May be suitable for a home with children

  • About Sully

    Sully came to us earlier this year in hard shape; he had been living on the streets for a long time and it showed.

    He was a "forgotten feline," an unneutered tom cat with a very sore ear and sore eyes.

    His bad ear was a result of years of untreated infections.

    As a result, poor Sully had what was commonly known as "Cauliflower Ear," which is a condition that sees repeated trauma - in this case the cat shaking his head and repeatedly scratching his ear - causing a hematoma and scar tissue to form.

    Owing to the above, Sully had to have "Lateral Ear Resection" surgery. He has fully healed now and is much more comfortable as a result.

    Poor Sully also had to have eye surgery in April, as it was discovered that the source of his eye irritation was that he had some eyelashes that were growing backward into his eyes; it's a condition called Entropian (He has also fully recovered from that surgery).

    Despite all his hurdles, Sully has been sweet from the moment we met him.

    Sully has been in a foster home where he has been the only pet, so we don't know how he is with other cats or dogs.

    Having said that, we suspect he could be okay in a home with another cat or cats given enough time to settle in and as long as they weren't high-energy and constantly jumping on him.

    The same would apply to dogs. He might learn to feel safe around a dog as long as the dog wasn't of a rambunctious nature.

    Sully's Foster Mom says:

    "Sully is a lovely cat! He can't be nicer than he his. He's super calm and really cute.

    He has his own schedule for food and he enjoys it a lot.

    He loves cat nip! He doesn't play too much because he is a lazy guy, but sometimes he likes his toys and our shoes laces.

    He deserves a peaceful place, people that love and brush him!"

    Interested In Adopting Sully?

    If you think you could be the home for which Sully has been waiting, please leave us a message at 739-00777, or e-mail us: info@heavenlycreatures.ca


    Snowy's Profile:

    • Spayed female
    • 2 years
    • FIV and Feluek negative

    About Snowy

    Snowy is a charmer with her gorgeous long white coat and beautiful blue eyes.

    This pretty girl came to us in April of 2017 as an owner surrender.

    Her owner could no longer keep her as the apartment building they live had changed their policy on pets - pets are no longer allowed, so Snowy had to go.

    Snowy is a sweet soul who is now looking for a new person or family with whom to share her heart.

    She has only ever lived with one person and no other pets - and that is the same situation she has in her foster home - so we don't know for sure how she'd be with other pets or with children.

    However, she may be just fine if given enough time to acclimatize.

    Interested In Adopting Snowy?

    If you'd think you'd like to make Snowy a purrmanent part of your home, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail us: info@heavenlycreatures.ca


    Elvis' Profile:
    • Neutered male
    • Approx 1-3 years
    • FIV and Feleuk negative
    • Very affectionate and cuddly
    • May be suitable for a home with children
    • In foster care with a dog
    • We think he could be suitable for a home with other cats

    About Elvis

    Elvis' came to us from a pound in May. He wound up there after he was abandoned in a house when his owner is moved.

    We don't know how anyone could abandon any animal, much less a cat as truly terrific as this guy - he is a charmer!

    Heavenly Creatures rescued Elvis from the pound, had his vet work done (he was neutered, tested for FIV and Feleuk, and given preventative flea and worm meds) and placed him in a loving foster home.

    He is now in a foster home awaiting the purrfect adoptive home. Could this fellow be the one to steal your heart?

    Elvis' foster mom says:

    "Elvis is a big, sweet boy who loves cuddles more than anything else. He welcomes us every time we enter his room purring and brushing up against us and he could go on like this for hours.

    He is not shy at all and he is extremely confident with people. He always follows us around and loves being held on the couch while enjoying his naps.

    He also likes playing with his toys but his favourite thing is playing with cotton swabs: give him one and he will get crazy!

    He does not like to be left alone, especially in the late afternoon when he is more active, and sometimes he starts meowing begging for attention.

    He is starting to become confident with our one-year-old dog. He can quietly sleep on the couch with her 20 cm far from him but sometimes he is still scared and runs away, especially when the dog suddenly moves.

    He deserves a house where he can get a lot of love and attention. "

    Interested In Adopting Elvis?

    If you are interested in our sweet boy, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail us: info@heavenlycreatures.ca

    Our adoption applications can be found here:



    Casper's Profile:
    • Neutered Male
    • Approx. 2-5 years
    • FIV and Feleuk negative
    • Loves other cats - must go to a home with another cat
    • Not suitable for a home with young children

    About Casper

    Charming Casper came into our care in mid-March of 2017 having spent some time living outside.

    Concerned residents of the neighbourhood he was hanging around in were feeding him and he was huddling up on their doorsteps for warmth (see first picture - those are his "before" shots).

    Poor Casper was cold, his coat was matted and he was not neutered but all that changed once he became an HC cat! We had Casper cleaned up, neutered and tested for FIV and Feleuk (he was negative for both; he was also given flea and worm control meds on arrival.

    He is in a foster home that includes several other cats who he just loves, so we want his adoptive home to also include at least one other cat for company for him.

    Could this long-haired white beauty who loves both people and other cats be the one  for you?

    Casper's foster parents say:

    "Since Casper joined us, he has really thrived in his new environment. From a shy and reserved cat, he has turned into a sociable and playful cat.

    He really likes having friends to play with and he has developed a real bromance with his feline foster brother.

    Casper really loves company, human and feline, and he will happily brush against your arm or leg. He likes to be brushed and has perfected the art of napping in the sun that comes in through the windows.'

     Interested In Adopting Casper?

     If you are interested in our sweet boy, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail us: info@heavenlycreatures.ca

    Our adoption applications can be found here:



    Mariah's Profile:

    • Less than a year old (approx. 9 months)
    • Spayed
    • FIV and Feleuk negative
    • Must go to a home that includes another cat for company for her
    • Not suitable for a home with small children

    About Mariah

    Meet Mariah, a pretty tabby girl who is looking for her purrfect "Furever Home."

    Mariah (pronounced ma-rye-ah) came to us as a feral kitten; she was rescued from the streets, which is where she was born, and so she didn't know anything about people when we first got her.

    She has learned about people through being in a loving foster home that has taught her to trust.

    However, she will always likely be on the shy side with strangers and she wouldn't be able to tolerate a home that is extremely noisy/active - no small children or rambunctious dogs, please.

    Mariah would love an adoptive home that is similar to her foster home. Her foster home includes another cat, whom she loves, and two quiet people who gave her lots of time and love to help her settle in.

    In the right home, this petite princess will continue to blossom and will have your heart wrapped her tiny paw.

    Mariah's Foster Mom says:

    "She is doing fantastic and has developed quite the personality.

    She sleeps with us every night, and has begun coming to us multiple times throughout the day for pets!

    She even enjoys to be pet and scratched when we pass her by.

    She rubs around our legs and meows for her supper every night, and takes treats from our fingers.

    She is a bit nervous still when she meets new people, but I am confident she can become friends with anyone,just as she has done with us.

    She certainly is a little diva."

    Interested In Adopting Mariah?

    If you are interested in adopting Mariah, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail us: info@heavenlycreatures.ca

    Our adoption application can be found on our website (www.heavenlycreatures.ca) under the adoptions header on the front page.


    Gilligan's Profile:

  • Neutered male
  • FIV and Feleuk negative
  • Approx 18 months
  • Loves to play
  • Is on the playful and dominant side with other animals, so if going to a home with others they would have to be the types who could handle his energy.

    About Gilligan

    This little monkey came to us in May of 2017 from a pound; he had been brought in as a stray.

    Gilligan, aka Gilly, was about to be euthanized for space - the pound was full - so HC stepped in. We couldn't let this fun-loving guy lose his life over a temporary place to stay.

    We rescued Gilligan from the pound and had his vet work done immediately (he was neutered, tested, given a dewormer and flea meds as a precaution). He then left the vet clinic for a loving foster home.

    Things weren't working out with his original foster family's timid cats - he was too much for them - so he is now in a foster home by himself while he waits for the purrfect adoptive home.

    Gilligan's foster parent says:

    "If you're looking for an affectionate, loyal, active, chatter box, Gilligan is your man!

    Gilligan, is a fun-loving active young cat that just loves to greet his family and friends with his grateful meows. He absolutely adores chasing and batting around jingly balls sometimes with the force to break them. He is kind of a rough and tumble kitty.

    Though, that doesn't stop him from head-butting, purring, and even doing front tumbles so he can get his belly rubbed!

    Gilligan is the whole package and loves anyone who comes close! He could only hope for someone to love him as much as he does everyone!

    All in all what a wonderful, smart, cute cat."

    Interested In Adopting Gilligan?

     If you are interested in our sweet boy, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail us: info@heavenlycreatures.ca

    Our adoption applications can be found here:


  • Posted Feb. 25th, 2012

    Get your taxes done, and help homeless animals at the same time with our Taxes For Critters fundraiser!

    Between now, and June 15th, Larry's Tax Services will donate $10 to Heavenly Creatures when any new client mentions that they are getting their Income Tax Return done with the business because of this fundraiser for Heavenly Creatures.

    Contact: larry@larrystax.com or phone 690-5740 or 368-3658.

    Luna and Callie
    Luna and Callie

    Luna and Callie's Profile:

    - Sisters who must be adopted to together
    - Five years of age
    - Both cats are spayed
    - Not suitable for a home with small kids.

    About Luna and Callie

    Luna (tortoishelle) and Callie (calico) are sisters who were adopted from us as kittens.

    They had to be returned to us a few weeks ago because they were not able to tolerate the new baby in the home.

    They are looking for a quiet home free of small kids where they can spend the rest of their days loving you and each other :)

    Luna and Callie's Foster Mom says:

    "Callie is very friendly and loves to be petted.

    While she is not a lap cat, she will happily snuggle up against you on the couch.

    She is always hopeful that someone will give her a treat and will burn those calories off by chasing paper balls.

    Luna can be shy at times but she may sneak up onto the couch and curl up on your lap.

    Her "me" time is usually spent napping in a sunny window. Despite her quiet nature, she is determined to save us from the ferocious feather teaser toy.

    The sisters are well-behaved and not destructive, preferring to use the scratching posts instead of our couch.

    They both have a cute habit of bringing a cat toy to bed most evenings.

    We think the girls will be fabulous companions to someone who can provide them the quiet household to which they are accustomed."

    Interested in Adopting Luna and Callie?

    If you would like to make this purrfect duo members of your household, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail us: info@heavenlycreatures.ca


    We keep a Waiting List for those who are looking for a particular breed or type of dog. If you would like to be added to our list, please make sure you include your contact number(s), as well as details (such as size, gender, and age range) about the kind of dog you'd like to adopt. Click here to contact us for more details.

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