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Hmm.. Does My Pet Actually Need Annual Shots?

July 17, 2011 11:08 pm

I was recently reading an article that surprised me. I was a firm believer in my hounds getting their annual vaccines as I thought this would prolong their health. The article stated that recent research suggests that your animals only receive their annual shots every 3 years. Ongoing research is exploring the possibility that your pet is protected for life once he’s gotten his puppy shots.

You can read the article here: download Dr. Jones’ free report here

Ever since we purchased health coverage for the beagles, we are thankful that we've never had to use it and obviously hope that never have to look into other cheap term life insurance for the hounds. Vaccines and general animal health are not something to be taken lightly. Next time I take that hounds for their check-up, I’m going to ask the vet for their recommendation on how often the hounds should be getting their vaccines and if there is anything else they should or shouldn’t get so often.

Very interesting read for sure.

Wireless Pet Fence creeping in my mind again

May 11, 2011 9:38 pm
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Seems every Spring I start thinking about how awesome it would be to take the hounds out to my parents place and have them round around the house like they do here. The only problem of course is that they would not only run around the house, but they would also run right out into the woods and never be heard from again! I don't think my wholesale insurance for pets would cover me if I just lost my dogs.. Umm.. not acceptable.

So for this reason when I've started hearing about the wireless pet fences, it really starts to get me excited to perhaps try it out. I'm in a bit of a different situation however as I already have an in ground system which works perfectly for them her at my house.

My question? I wonder how easily they could adapt to the new system? Would they be able to at all I wonder? I've yet to be able to find a good solution or answer/question online - so if you know of anyone that's had both, or has both.. please let me know.. would love to take my hounds out to the woods in my car (with the system) and let them run around.. it'd be fun!!

The Hound Routine

March 30, 2011 10:18 pm

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You know, being a dog owner myself - it's easy to just go through day after day and not even realize how lucky we are to have the pets in our lives that we do. I know that I look forward to seeing my little waggy-tailed beagles every time I walk through the door .. to me, they make our house.. a home.

That said, it's interesting how much these dogs are creatures of habit.. and now that they're 5 years old - they are really coming into their age and people ask me all the time 'How are your dogs?".. I always find that I say the same thing nowadays.. "They're perfect".

They have reached the age where they are ok if they don't get a whole bunch of attention, but really love it when you give them some.. and they're starting to get lazy so when we go to work - they just curl up and nothing is a mess when we get home (unless we leave bacon scraps somewhere....hey, I'd make a mess trying to get them too!).

In the morning, they are the first ones up.. pretty much at 6:50 AM flat - they're up and ready for their food.. then it's out they go to do their business. Back in, and then it's under the table and on the mat to where they're hoping to get some of Liz's extra milk she leaves in her cereal (yeah, not the best calcium supplements out there, but whaddya do?). They then almost always head back to bed.. (yes.. I'm very jealous of this..).

They have their afternoon excitement of barking like crazed mad-dogs at the mailman, and another out-time.. then you know, back to bed... waiting for their owners to come home for their 2nd feeding of the day.. supper!!

Lately we've been trying to add some excitement to their food by giving them shaved carrot, turnip, heck the other day I gave them leftover spaghetti squash - they love it! Why wouldn't they? These are good for them!

It's after dinner that we usually head for a walk now that it's nice enough (and light enough) to head outside again.. and then they're content to go back to bed, and wait till the morning in order to do it all again..

Not only do I love my dogs unconditionally, as they love me... I'm also a little jealous of their great little routine :P

Happy New Year!!

January 4, 2011 12:29 am

Well I hope everyone reading this had a great holiday season and that Santa found you all! I know here in PEI (yes.. I write this from PEI, not NFLD where it's hosted) - Santa did find us, and found my two hounds Hunter and Bella as well!

This year we got some gifts that we likely won't ever use like rain boots for them and some jackets (there's just something about putting a jacket on a hound that I don't particularly like.. heh heh).. anyhow, they did get lots of great rawhide treats, marrow bones laced with nice spices, squeaker toys  and treats, lots of treats.

Actually one of their more popular toys which I thought was cool was this game Liz found for them at Winners. I'm not sure who makes it, but it was pretty slick - we would put a treat in the board, and the hounds would have to use their noses and brains to get at it. Ahhh... food, is there anything else that motivates a hound more than that?

Talk soon everyone!

Time For A New Puppy? Where To Start?

March 22, 2010 3:22 pm

As is shown every year in the Westminster dog show, there are hundreds of different dog breeds out there, so how does one determine which breed will make the perfect pet?

I guess the first place I would look is online as there is literally thousands of articles and tips for knowing if you're reading to take home a new cat or dog. Most people actually have a favorite type of dog already and it's just a matter of finding that right breed. Me, for example – have a very big soft spot for beagles and Labrador retrievers, my girlfriend however is a big German Shepherd lover and wants one of those. The idea is to have the right mix and make sure that the animal you're going to adopt is going to be right for your family and living situation.

Both cats and dogs have benefits and drawbacks as far as ownership goes and you really have to be sure that you want one before you go out and purchase. Here are a few tips to remember when thinking about a new pet:

WHY IT'S GOOD A dog will play with you and love you more than any pet we mention here.
WHY IT'S BAD It takes a lot of time and energy to care for one. Dogs bark. Some people are allergic.
NEEDS Dogs, especially large ones, need room to run around. Every day you'll need to: feed your dog twice, walk it at least once, and let it outside four or five times to poop or pee. Long-haired breeds need to be brushed regularly, and most dogs must be bathed every month or so. If you take a trip, you'll have to bring your dog along or board it at a kennel.
COST There's a wide price range, from a free mutt at an animal shelter to more than $500 for a purebred dog. You'll also need to buy a license, collar and leash, and take the dog to a vet for shots and spaying or neutering, so it can't have puppies. Annual cost: $225 to $1,150, depending on how much food it eats.
BOTTOM LINE If you're energetic, this may be the pet for you. But puppies need a lot of attention.

WHY IT'S GOOD A cat can keep you company while you read or watch TV. Many even prove quite playful, plus they purr when they're happy.
WHY IT'S BAD Nearly all cats are more aloof than dogs. That means they don't always come when you call them or play with you when you want. Some people are allergic.
NEEDS Cats must be fed daily. You don't need to let them outside to poop, since they use a litter box. But you do need to scoop the litter box out daily and clean it weekly. Longhaired cats need to be brushed regularly. You'll probably need help clipping your cat's nails. If you must travel, your cat can look after itself for a couple of days, as long as it has plenty of food and water. Don't forget spaying or neutering.
COST From free, for a shelter cat, to $75 to $500 for a purebred; annual cost: $300 to $400, depending on types of food and litter.
BOTTOM LINE Not as much work as a dog but still a furry buddy who can curl up on your lap.

Then of course there are rodents, reptiles and birds you could have as a pet but that's beyond the scope of my article here.

Certainly let me know if you would like any assistance in figuring out which pet would be the best fit for you.