Have You Bought the Sean McCann song written for Heavenly Creatures yet?

July 15, 2011 4:46 pm

Great Big Sea's Sean McCann has written and recorded a song called "Best Friend"in honour of a dog named Tubbs.

Tubbs' story won a contest that Sean and his dog, Tosh, held on his website.

All proceeds go to Heavenly Creatures! You can buy Best Friend through Sean's website www.greatbigsean.com by clicking here, no need for any barcode scanner or any line-ups, just purchase and download :-)

Sean and his family adopted Tosh(pictured above), from Heavenly Creatures several years ago.

They wanted to find a way to give back to HC for bringing Tosh into their lives.Thank-you Sean, Tosh, and family!

GBS artwork

Leaving for Halifax… the hounds.. at home.

4:40 pm

It’s no secret that I do like to travel – quite a bit actually and this year I’m really lucky in that not only am I going to be heading to Newfoundland for the very first time (WOOT!) But I’m also heading to Boston the week after which should be just an amazing time all around.

The downside…. I’m going to miss my hounds!!

I swear I would rather read a thousand magazines about jewelry fashion trends for moms than leave my hounds for very long.. I'm pathetic like that. If I’m ever away for an extended period of time – these are some of the things I do to make it a little easier on myself.. I’m sure parents of children do this as well:

  • cell phone photos (look at them every so often .. or a lot :P )
  • videos (thanks to the wonderful world of cell phones this is now much more do-able.. I love the beagle howls I have on my iPhone)
  • buy them something (almost always.. without fail.. don’t judge :P )
  • talk to them via phone (ok this one is for my mother as I personally don’t do this.. but she has a great time talking to ‘her babies’)
  • videoconference.. (yay skype!)

All of these things make being away from my Fur-babies a little easier to take.. I’ve always enjoyed travelling.. but there’s something to be said about the comforts of home :-)

Lost My Dogs This Morning

July 11, 2011 2:36 pm

Well, since I usually write personal notes on this blog I will write one about my experience today.. I guess I should start with last night however. Went to bed after visiting the neighbours with my pups and of course I didn’t have their electric fence collars on when we went over, didn’t bother to put them on overnight.. (wrong decision). Woke up this morning all sleepy and forgot to put them back on when they went out!!

Well, after 20 minutes of not realizing anything was wrong – I went to check on the hounds.. and they were nowhere to be found.. GAH!! Long story short, found them two hours later after searching everywhere.. Bella was running along the side of a road (and now going to need some mud soap to get her cleaned up!) and Hunter, unbelievably.. went back home!

While I’m relieved, and a little out of sorts today.. I’m hopeful since Hunter made it all the way back home that if lost again for that long – they will find their way back home.. my god I was a wreck today!


Do You Use Coupons?

July 8, 2011 4:53 pm

In the last year or so, I’ve become one of many around whom have started clipping coupons. I can’t really tell you the main reason for doing this, nor am I having a lot of trouble financially which would start it – but the way I look at it now.. well, every one of those coupons is a dollar or whatever in my pocket, so why not use them?

I’m posting this here instead of my main blog as I know I do a lot of pet food shopping and figured you folks could use a few tips as well. Obviously you can use them for anything as I’ve found coupons from everything from body wash, toothpaste, groceries, even victoria’s secret coupons.

These are the main sources which I read for coupons and deals:


And of course here are the coupon sites which I check regularly as well:


These sites will send you coupons absolutely free – so why not get them? I’ve now gone so far as to have a binder (sorted by expiry date month) just for our coupons and it’s making life a lot easier on the pocket book.

It’s Summer Time!

June 30, 2011 4:31 pm

Summer is here!Well it’s finally here eh? I’m not sure what it’s like over there on the Rock, but here in PEI it’s finally starting to look like it’s supposed to during the summer.. SWEET! This time of year everyone is out camping and doing yard work (perhaps with new toro zero turn mowers or just sitting on the deck relaxing and enjoying a nice beverage. Well however you spend the summer months – make sure your pet is safe as well!

With temperatures climbing its VERY IMPORTANT that pets are not left unattended in cars and they always have access to fresh, clean water and shelter.

Click here to get Summer Pet tips on how to keep your pets cool, safe and happy!