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What Are The Best Flowers To Attract Birds?

October 4, 2011 9:09 am

I don’t honestly think I’ve ever posted about birds. They are very common pets and very low-maintenance and generally quite nice to have around – but for whatever reason (read: I’m a dog lover), I don’t get much information on them for that reason.

I wanted to blog about birds though today, but not so much about birds being indoor pets – but what are the best flowers and floral arrangements to attract said birds.Coral Bells & Hummingbird

Now is the time of year that you should be planting for next year.. so why not, if you’re into it – plant some bird-attracting flowers?

While browsing this topic I came across and they posted the following tips:

  • Landscaping for birds begins with trees and bushes. But the right flowers attract birds also
  • Leave those seeds for the birds from daisies.
  • Zinnias are great for not only the seeds for birds – but also attract butterflies.
  • Red flowers attract hummingbirds (try old-fashioned fuchsias, coral bells, bee balm (shown at right), hybiscus, and petunias.)
  • Birds <3 Sunflowers :p)

Have some fun with it – I’d love to hear your tips on the subject.

New Contest On My Photography Page (Help Out PEI)

September 15, 2011 2:37 pm

Hey all, well I figured since I’m over here in PEI helping out the fine folks at Heavenly Creatures in NFLD, I may as well try to promote or help the PEI Humane Society from over there as well, best part is that you don’t have to do anything :-)

Right now, my photography page is holding a "Likes for Pet Love" contest in which if you ‘like’ my page, from now until October 1st.. I will donate a can of cat food to the PEIHS.

First day is going pretty well, I started at 1024 and I’m now at 1079 which is fantastic! But you can also make a difference over there by liking my photography page..

Len Currie Photography

It’s funny, of all the jobs that I’ve had – and I’ve had every position from a server, dish washer, and even did a few computer programmer jobs which led me into my current position here at BellAliant, but none are as rewarding as the work I do for the non-profit organizations.. I'm not sure what it is.. it just makes me feel good. And I like that.

So head over to my page and like it.. maybe you'll even enjoy the daily photos I post ;-)


Do You Have Your Emergency Numbers Handy?

August 16, 2011 12:47 pm

I ask this as I received a scare the other day after I returned home from golfing and my girlfriend let me know that there was an ‘incident’ with my beagles where they got on top of the counter and pulled off a plate smashing it to bits (the plate of course has bacon on it!).

Anyhow, one of them must have cut their tongue or something as although I hadn’t seen it – apparently there was blood everywhere. Panicking, my girlfriend got our neighbour and called the vet. Off they went.

Once there, the vet simply checked them out, there was no visible signs of bleeding – the dogs looked fine – she was told that even though there was a piece of plate missing – that it wouldn’t show up in an x-ray?? And sent home. ($100 + later).

All the while I’m out playing around at a cottage spinning my friends ATV Tires and golfing as well.. having fun. She told me later that since there didn’t appear to be anything wrong per the vet – there was no need to let me know… I’m not sure if I agree or not – but I guess she did think it through.

Right now I’m monitoring the dogs stool and feeding to make sure nothing irregular shows up, and investigating the reasons as to why they wouldn’t x-ray my hounds when asked. But I just wanted to advise people out there to make sure you have those emergency numbers on hand and a game plan in place in case of emergency.. remember, you only need one.. when you need one!


Hmm.. Does My Pet Actually Need Annual Shots?

July 17, 2011 11:08 pm

I was recently reading an article that surprised me. I was a firm believer in my hounds getting their annual vaccines as I thought this would prolong their health. The article stated that recent research suggests that your animals only receive their annual shots every 3 years. Ongoing research is exploring the possibility that your pet is protected for life once he’s gotten his puppy shots.

You can read the article here: download Dr. Jones’ free report here

Ever since we purchased health coverage for the beagles, we are thankful that we've never had to use it and obviously hope that never have to look into other cheap term life insurance for the hounds. Vaccines and general animal health are not something to be taken lightly. Next time I take that hounds for their check-up, I’m going to ask the vet for their recommendation on how often the hounds should be getting their vaccines and if there is anything else they should or shouldn’t get so often.

Very interesting read for sure.

Frozen Pupsicle Anyone?

10:55 pm

Wow! Mother Nature is starting to kick it into high gear and give us the summer weather we have been waiting for. Obviously the start of this summer sucked, I don't think I ever used my new xbox wireless adapter as much as I thought I would, but now that the sun is shining and the weather is hot my two beagles are starting to mind the heat. Recently I found a recipe for Frozen Pupsicles that are easy to make and the beagles love them. It's a great way to cool down the hounds on hot days. You can find the recipe here. Hope your hounds love them as much as mine do.