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Oprah’s Last Show – Signs Off With Her Pooch

May 27, 2011 10:43 am

Say what you want about Oprah and her show – she was a cultural icon for the 25 years that she was on TV. What she said and did, people listened. This  made her arguably the most influential women in modern history. And rightly so, I liked Oprah and most everything she did (I could have done without her very-tabloid weight gain, loss, gain, loss, etc.. but that’s really not her doing… (personally I think she should get some of the best creatine and pump herself up! ha ha.)

Anyhow, what I found very fitting is that she signed off her last show with her pooch Sadie in her arms.. “Sadie, we did it!” she shouted as she left.. video below. Congrats Oprah! Thanks for the many memories.


How Can You Train Your Dog If You Don`t Have Much Time?

March 20, 2010 11:07 am

This is one hell of a 'play dead' :-)

While I`d love to train my dog as much as I possibly could, the fact is that I work 8-5 every day pretty much, do a lot of photography work, play rec hockey a few times a week and still try to find time to love and take care of my dogs as much as possible. The question is, how do I squeeze in some good training time and time for them to get their brain stimulated

While reading some maggwire.com magazine articles today – I came across an article at bark.com which held some interesting tips on how to squeeze in some training time:

  • Do a couple of repetitions of sit and down each time a commercial comes on TV. (For people with TiVo, it is still possible to work in a sit or two while you are skipping past the commercials.)
  • Ask your dog for a stay each morning while you are brushing your teeth.
  • Have your dog wait at the door each time you go outside, even when if you are just going out to get the paper or out for a walk together.
  • Practice a trick or two while you are out on a walk.
  • Do a minute of heeling practice when you are in the back yard for any reason such as to water the flowers, dump your compost, or to have a cup of coffee on the back porch.
  • Call your dog to come when you are about to go on a walk. (It's one of the easiest ways to teach your dog that good things happen when he responds to the cue "come!")
  • Have your dog heel with you each time you head to the bathroom.

Aren`t these great ideas? If you wanted to learn more of these, I suggest you read the article and certainly follow along in the comments as I`m sure there will be lots of tips in the coming days from readers.

Tech for Your Pets

February 9, 2010 12:35 pm

I'm a geek, I love my tech. I also love my pets.. much much more than tech in fact. But that being said, an article depicting tech for pets! Yes.. yes.. I be interested indeed!

You have all of the best gadgets on the block, so why shouldn't your pet be equally tech-savvy? We've rounded up the coolest and weirdest innovations in technology for pets, from the useful to the absurd.

AquaVista 500 Computerized Fish Tank

Ever wanted a tropical fish tank, but didn't have time for all of the maintenance that goes into keeping one? The AquaVista 500 has an embedded LCD panel that allows you to control and monitor filtration, temperature, oxygen, and lighting. All of the aquarium technology is built right into the system, so you don't need to worry about hassling with a complex setup or buying extra parts. Measuring 26 by 26 by 4 inches, the AquaVista 500 hangs on your wall like a painting or a flat-screen TV. The time you need to spend on regular maintenance for freshwater tropical fish is as low as 15 minutes a month; saltwater fish require about 10 minutes of attention per week.

The AquaVista 500 costs $330 and is sold online, at specialty pet stores, and in various catalogs.

Click here for full-size image

Pet tech not your thing? Check out PC World's car tech slide show for other unusual gadgets.

Zoombak Advanced GPS Dog Locator

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Have an overly energetic pup that bolts as soon you open the door? Keep your sanity and invest in a Zoombak Advanced GPS Dog Locator. The lightweight (2.5 ounces) and water-resistant device uses satellite and cellular technologies to help you find your dog and bring it home safely if it runs away or is abducted. You can pinpoint your dog's location via Zoombak.com, on a mobile phone, or through the company's customer-care center. Additionally, you can monitor your sprightly pet's location in real time with Zoombak's continuous-tracking option: Simply log on to the Zoombak Web site and set up and activate customized safety zones. If your dog leaves a designated safety zone, you will be alerted immediately by text or e-mail.

Unfortunately, small-dog enthusiasts and cat owners are excluded from this product; Zoombak Advanced GPS Dog Locater is recommended for dogs weighing 15 pounds and up. It costs $200 and is available at electronics stores or online.

Litter-Robot Automatic Cleaning System

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Cleaning your cat's litterbox can be a gross and annoying task, but thankfully there's Litter-Robot. No, Litter-Robot isn't a little Jetsons-esque robot that rolls in and cleans the litterbox for you. The Litter-Robot is a dome-shaped box that automatically sifts waste clumps from the litter. All electrical components are located in the base of the box, so your cat is completely safe using Litter-Robot. It also has a sensor, so it won't start cleaning while kitty is inside.

Cleanliness comes at a cost, however: The Litter-Robot is a hefty $330. It's available online at the Litter-Robot Web site.

iSeePet360 Food Dispenser With Webcam

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No need to sign up for a posh doggy daycare service--just get an iSeePet360 food dispenser! Workaholic owners can use their PC (or phone, if they're in a meeting) to send a command to the iSeePet360 to release dry food for their pet. And if you have an extremely obedient pet whose ears don't instantly perk at the sound of food pouring into their bowl, you can record your voice to let them know that it's time to eat. But beware: Your pet may start loving iSeePet360 more than it loves you.

Owners can also keep tabs on their pet's daytime mischief with iSeePet360's built-in Webcam. But honestly, would your boss really let you leave the office because you just saw Fido chewing up your new throw pillows? Get back to work!

The iSeePet360 is available only in Japan for approximately $440. It won't walk, hydrate, or play with your pet, however, so you're probably better off with an actual pet sitter.

Drinkwell Pet Fountain

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Owners will attest: Cats almost always prefer to drink out of a dripping faucet rather than from their water bowl. This inclination isn't simply quirky behavior; feral by nature, cats are drawn by instinct to the sound of falling water. Thankfully, a vet recognized this and invented the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. Available in four models--Original ($50), Platinum ($70), Big-Dog ($75), and 360 ($65; shown above)--the Drinkwell Pet Fountain provides a free-falling stream of water that continuously filtrates and aerates, keeping it much fresher than a stagnant bowl of water. (Something that's great for dogs, too, of course.)

Many cats don't get nearly as much water as they need, so the Drinkwell Pet Fountain is a good investment. Not only will it increase hydration and health, but it will also discourage your cat from jumping on the counter in search of a leaky faucet.

PetsCELL Mobile Phone for Your Dog

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This one ranks right up there with the collar laced with diamonds. You've already upgraded to the iPhone 3G, so now it's Fido's turn. The PetsCELL PetsMobility is a voice-enabled, waterproof, GPS cell phone optimized for animals. Thanks to the GPS technology combined with the two-way communication, you can track a runaway pet or receive an alert when your pup wanders beyond the programmable geofence--boundaries you can set up for your dog on the PetsMobility Web site. The water-resistant device has a microphone and a speaker in case you want to chat with your dog while it's away. On the more practical side, the device also has Call Owner and Call Center buttons, so if somebody finds your dog, they can notify you that it's safe. The system has an external temperature sensor and a USB port too, so you can download the dog's current location.

This cell phone costs quite a bit more than the iPhone 3G, however, at $400 plus a monthly service fee. You can purchase PetsCELL via the PetsMobility Web site.

Meowlingual and Bowlingual Pet Translators

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Want to know what your pets really think about you? Well, I don't, but apparently some people do. Japan-based Takara Tomy has come out with two electric consoles, the Meowlingual and the Bowlingual (for cats and dogs, respectively), that translate all of your pet's deepest thoughts and feelings. Each device's technology slots a meow or bark into one of six standardized emotion categories (the categories differ between species) and then announces a humorous phrase to represent that emotion. For example, if your cat lets out a meow while you're lovingly petting it, Meowlingual will announce "I can’t stand it!" And all that time, you thought it liked being scratched behind the ears.

An English version of Bowlingual released in the United States with limited success, but Meowlingual never made it over. Unless your cat speaks Japanese (and you understand it), you probably won't want to fork out $75 plus overseas shipping for the device.

Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera

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See the world from your dog or cat's point of view with Uncle Milton's Pet's Eye View digital camera. The ultracompact and water-resistant digital camera clips to your pet's collar like an ID tag. Be forewarned, however, that you should attach the camera only to flat nylon or leather collars; chains or rolled collars may create a choking hazard. The internal memory stores up to 40 photos, and you can set the timer to take a picture automatically every 1, 5, or 15 minutes. The camera includes a USB charger, a USB cable, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

The Pet's Eye View camera is available at various online retailers for $40.

Yume Neko Smile Robotic Kitty

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Still think taking care of a pet is too much work? No worries--Sega Toys has you covered. Yume Neko Smile (translates to "Dream Cat Smile") purrs, meows, blinks its eyes, and moves its head. Don't pull the tail, though, or else it'll hiss at you. With hidden sensors beneath the fur, Yume Neko Smile is incredibly lifelike--and a little creepy. Yume Neko Smile is currently available only in Japan, but you can find it at some specialty online stores that sell Japanese products in the United States.

Alf is on Twitter… And He’s Only Following Cats!

January 28, 2010 11:42 am

This is hilarious!! Found this over at the nextweb.com - You remember Alf don't you?

If you were alive in the mid-to-late 80’s and watched television, you’re probably quite familiar with Gordon Shumway, aka, Alf. Well, it looks like our cat-eating, bouillabaisseball-playing, furry friend from planet Melmac has joined the Twitter ranks.

Last night, I saw a bunch of tweets in my stream welcoming Alf to Twitter. So, i followed some links and landed on @Verified_Alf. Not sure if the account is actually verified by Twitter or not, but who cares. For people like me that grew up watching Alf, this account, with its few tweets so far, is already a riot.

Alf on Twitter

Will Alf surpass @BillGates? Who knows, but I’d sure like to see it. Like Gates, Alf is only following a few accounts (which all happen to be cats) including the now famous @Sockington. His witty bio reads: “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it’s run over by a car, you don’t want it.” Clever, and we hope to see more clever tweets from Alf in the days to come.

By the way, feel free to spread the word and unite to make Alf bigger than Bill Gates on twitter. As it seems, many users are already tweeting “ Alf is on twitter, must follow @Verified_Alf”

Enjoy! Now time for a glass of wine and a cigar.

Some Thanksgiving TV To Watch! Dog Show!! :P

November 26, 2009 1:36 pm

Another site I came across if any of our US friends are watching some TV this Thanksgiving.. well, I'll be at work.. but here's a great article on the National Dog Show.

How did you know that Americans wanted to watch a dog show on Thanksgiving day? When did the light-bulb go off?
On a Saturday night in January -- it was a nasty night. My wife rented [the movie] "Best in Show." We watched it with some friends, then I stayed up watching it a second time and just loved it. I thought it was so much fun.

Cute Pooch!

Every Thanksgiving Day since 2002, 20 million Americans have tuned in to watch the National Dog Show on NBC, and the man they have to thank for it is Jon Miller, executive vice president of NBC Sports. It was his idea to air the Kennel Club of Philadelphia's annual Best in Show -- right after the Macy's Day Parade and right before football. He spoke with Paw Nation about how the show came to be.

How did you know that Americans wanted to watch a dog show on Thanksgiving day? When did the light-bulb go off?
On a Saturday night in January -- it was a nasty night. My wife rented [the movie] "Best in Show." We watched it with some friends, then I stayed up watching it a second time and just loved it. I thought it was so much fun.

How did that one spark lead to the show?

I came to work on Monday and grabbed one of our interns and said, "Find out what the second oldest dog show in America is," thinking that the Westminster was the oldest dog show in America. He came back about an hour later and said, "Well, the second oldest dog show in America is Westminster." I said, "Well, what's the oldest dog show?" and he said, "Philadelphia." He then got me in touch with [KCP president] Wayne Ferguson, and we had a great conversation. I asked, "Have you ever been on television?" He said no, but he'd be very interested. Then I went to Michael Crawford, who is a friend at Purina, to see if he had any interest. I said, "Michael, if we could get a dog show on NBC --" He said, "In a heartbeat, we'd support it."

Did you have high hopes for ratings that first year?
Our research folks thought it would do a one-and-a-half rating, which is what "It's A Wonderful Life" had done when it had been in that time period. But in that first year, the dog show did a seven rating. Now we've got about 20 million people that watch it. This is our eighth year. We just extended the for five more years with Purina, so now we're looking at all the way up to 2016.

What do you think is the appeal?

This is one of the few programs that multiple generations will sit down and watch together: grandparents, parents and grandchildren. And John O'Hurley and David Frei are a tremendous team for us. They bring humor into it, but they also educate and have fun with it.

What are the unique challenges of broadcasting a dog show?
That first year, we didn't know what to expect. But actually, it's a pretty simple formula: Try to show as many dogs as you can. People will watch this show to see their own dog, or they'll watch this show because they love dogs, or they'll watch this show because they're thinking of getting a dog.

This is a benching show, so when we bring down sponsors or guests, they all want to walk around the area and pet the dogs. They certainly don't need any industrial safety supplies, but you need to ask permission before you pet a dog. You just can't reach out and start touching somebody's Shetland Sheepdog or somebody's Border Collie. It's like any other sport, like football or golf or basketball. They have their rules and organizers and you have to work with and respect the governing body.