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Pet Books! Make Your Own!

February 25, 2011 5:23 pm

image I do a lot of photography on the side (in fact I’m booked up already for 2011 and a lot of 2012), so I’m familiar with photo products that are out there. If you’re not familiar – just head down to Walmart and you can take a look at the many different products they have that you can use your own photos for… calendars and prints are the most common, but there’s also lots of other things like cups, mugs, blankets, artwork, its’ exciting to receive something with a nice picture on it.

One of my favorite products you can get however are photo books. Now, most people create them for special occasions such as weddings, new babies, family reunions… but what about creating one for your pets! Think about it? A great spot to get photobooks done with it’s own online designer software is mixbook.com – it’s fantastic honestly and I’m looking forward to getting my first book back from them.

The days of needing your own velobind to create and bind your own books are over – you can simply upload and create the easy way online. Mixbook with even auto-insert all your uploaded photos from different photo services like Flickr, Picasa, etc..

Time to make some pet photo books folks!

Unbelievable Dog Photography

January 20, 2011 10:04 am

I follow ‘the Dog Files’ quite a bit on Facebook and they have a great series of photos which I really like so I thought I’d share. Their first series (which must have proven quite popular as they’re not up over 24) was one which I really enjoyed and you can check it out here:


Being a photographer myself and of course a huge pet lover – I have taken a LOT of photos of my dogs over the years, I may just throw a few pictures myself into the mix to see if they get noticed. Unfortunately in the winter we have to deal with short days with no sun and then when we do get inside we have bad pendant lighting to deal with – but that doesn’t stop us from taking pictures of our favorite subjects!

Here’s one picture I’d love to submit for them:


Heavenly Creatures is going to have Santa Paws visit!!

November 8, 2010 12:53 pm

So now that Halloween is over and we've put away the costumes of pirates, Freddy Krueger and men wearing prom dresses - it's time to start thinking about the next big holiday... Christmas!!

Heavenly Creatures will be hosting their annual Pet Pics with Santa this year at St. Theresa's Church on Mundy Pond Road.
Santa will be there from noon to 8 pm on Dec. 4 and  Dec 5.

Walk-ins welcome; appointments reccommended.

Only $20 for two 5 x 7s of your pet; additional pets only $10!
Call us at 739-0077 or email us at info@heavenlycreatures.ca to book your appointment!

Santa hats provided for the photo shoot.
Click here for additional details.


We will also be accepting donations at this time - this Christmas, we are most in need of wet cat food and cat litter. Though perhaps a 'less glamorous' donation, this is one of our greatest needs.

Thanks very much, hope to see you all there!

Off to War? What About Your Family Pets?

March 30, 2010 12:21 pm

I read this article the other day and couldn’t help but get a little choked up. What an amazing idea, and something that should be implemented everywhere.

By John Yang, NBC News correspondent

When soldiers are sent to war, the military provides all sorts of help for those left behind--mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and children. But what about the four-legged family members?

That was the dilemma Staff Sargent Steve Meduna faced in January 2009 as he prepared to go to Iraq for the first deployment in his 15 years in the Minnesota National Guard: What to do about his 100-pound, two-year-old dog, Dozer--as in "bulldozer." Meduna was newly divorced and his father lived in a town home community that doesn't allow dogs, his brother had a small yard without a fence and his friends who had watched Dozer in the past were all guardsmen going to Iraq, too.

Then he heard about Guardian Angels for Soldiers' Pet, or GASP, a five-year-old network of volunteers who take in dogs and cats--and even horses and, in some cases, snakes and lizards--left behind when their owners deploy with the military.

"The pet is not considered or recognized as a family member," says Linda Spurlin-Dominik, a co-founder and the president of GASP. She started the group after hearing of the problems faced by one soldier from Ohio. A little research turned up reports of dogs and cats dropped off at shelters just before deployments or picked up by animal control--abandoned--right after troops leave an area.

"It's a warm feeling," she says of her work. "You've made a difference in someone's life and made their life just a little bit better when they get to see their pet again."

Meduna learned of GASP just before he deployed and happily left Dozer in the care of Mike and Jessie Siers of Big Lake, Minn. "It was a real weight off my back," he says.

The Siers kept Meduna up to date on Dozer with videos and photos posted on Facebook. At Christmas, they sent Meduna a photo of Dozer in a Santa hat--signed with Dozer's inked paw.

They loved having Dozer with them for 13 months, but knew it had to end. They hated to see him go, but, as Jessie said, "We're so happy that Steve made it back safely."

Before going to the Siers' to pick up Dozer, Meduna worried that his dog wouldn't remember him after being away for so long. He needn't have worried. As soon as Dozer caught a glimpse of his master, he bounded to Meduna's side and jumped--and licked--for joy.

After getting reacquainted, Dozer retired to a corner of the Siers' yard with a nylon chew bone that Meduna had brought for him as Meduna and Siers talked. At one point, Meduna turned toward his car to get something out of it. Yards away, Dozer saw him turn, dropped his bone and shot across the yard to Meduna's side.

He wasn't about to let his master get away again.

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For more on Guardian Angel for Soldiers' Pets, visit their Web site