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Hmm.. Does My Pet Actually Need Annual Shots?

July 17, 2011 11:08 pm

I was recently reading an article that surprised me. I was a firm believer in my hounds getting their annual vaccines as I thought this would prolong their health. The article stated that recent research suggests that your animals only receive their annual shots every 3 years. Ongoing research is exploring the possibility that your pet is protected for life once he’s gotten his puppy shots.

You can read the article here: download Dr. Jones’ free report here

Ever since we purchased health coverage for the beagles, we are thankful that we've never had to use it and obviously hope that never have to look into other cheap term life insurance for the hounds. Vaccines and general animal health are not something to be taken lightly. Next time I take that hounds for their check-up, I’m going to ask the vet for their recommendation on how often the hounds should be getting their vaccines and if there is anything else they should or shouldn’t get so often.

Very interesting read for sure.

Wireless Pet Fence creeping in my mind again

May 11, 2011 9:38 pm
Sniped By Sun

Seems every Spring I start thinking about how awesome it would be to take the hounds out to my parents place and have them round around the house like they do here. The only problem of course is that they would not only run around the house, but they would also run right out into the woods and never be heard from again! I don't think my wholesale insurance for pets would cover me if I just lost my dogs.. Umm.. not acceptable.

So for this reason when I've started hearing about the wireless pet fences, it really starts to get me excited to perhaps try it out. I'm in a bit of a different situation however as I already have an in ground system which works perfectly for them her at my house.

My question? I wonder how easily they could adapt to the new system? Would they be able to at all I wonder? I've yet to be able to find a good solution or answer/question online - so if you know of anyone that's had both, or has both.. please let me know.. would love to take my hounds out to the woods in my car (with the system) and let them run around.. it'd be fun!!

The Benefits of Pet Insurance

April 27, 2011 9:00 am

Dog at vet

Found a great article over at sheknows.com which outlines a number of benefits to having Pet Insurance. After reading it, it made me very glad that I had Pet Insurance and although it may seem unnecessary to most, I can tell you that I will never own a pet again without having them insured. Piece of mind for my loved ones is a must and I would never risk something happening to my dogs to which I wasn’t able to cover.

In fact, I wish I could purchase the best megameeting web conferencing software and tell everyone I know who owns a pet to get insurance for them.. some of the items listed that they touch on in the post are:

  • uninsured pets may end up in shelters.. due simply to the costs of some needed operations, etc… owners give them up.. BOO!
  • obviously sometimes this can save your pets life, specially if a disease is found or something like that.
  • pets are family members! they deserve the best care possible
  • consider insurance costs before adopting a pet.

Check out the article over at sheknews.com, great read.

Money woes a factor in pet care

June 23, 2010 9:34 am

image You know I may be putting this on the blog and most people would disagree with the ideas stated in the article, but the statistics don’t lie.

AP recently did a poll on what would happen if a family was suddenly faced with an emergency vet bill.

While most pet owners, 62 percent, would likely get vet care if the bill was $500, the percentage drops below half when the cost hits $1,000. The number drops to 35 percent if the cost is $2,000 and to 22 percent if it reaches $5,000.

Obviously to me this isn’t the case.. my Hunter had to have 2 surgeries both over $1000 this year and there wasn’t even a question. Of course, I’m sure my girlfriend would rather me spend that money on, oh, I don’t know, perhaps some diamond engagement rings or something of the like? Ha ha ha, just kidding.. she’s just as smitten with our Hounds as I am! (love you babe!).

Anyhow it does raise an interesting question for both insurance for pets, as well as what you would do if faced with something like this. Personally, I now have pet insurance (albeit limited) but at least it’s something and I don’t have to worry as much.

Read more on the article I read at: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/37591254/ns/health-pet_health/#ixzz0rg7zb1fL

First Claim Made With PC Financial Pet Insurance

April 30, 2010 10:25 am

Well I decided to claim the blood work and pills that hunter now needs to take due to developing hypothyroidism (I think that’s how you spell it) – I filed the paperwork last week and faxed it off, and I hope they got it but I’m more interested to see if there will be any problems.

I have what they call the value plan of coverage, which really isn’t that expensive at all – but I plan on upping that to the choice plan soon (depending on how this first claim goes).

image I can tell you that my view on this insurance really is going to depend on how the first claim goes.. so far it’s been simple enough, all I had to do was fill in my address and some pet information – get the vet to fill in the rest – attach my receipts and then just fax it in. Easy.

The value plan is only $13.72 per dog per month. I consider this a pretty small amount (seeing that I just paid over $2800 to have Hunters’ legs both repaired) – it covers a lot of illnesses and accidents as well as offering a great life insurance rate as well if something ever happened.

The prices for the other plans are as follows when I did the quote:

  • $10.95 – Accident Plan
  • $13.72 – Value Plan
  • $22.68 – Choice Plan
  • $28.65 – Ultra Plan

I plan on upgrading soon to the Choice plan, but again – all depending on how well this goes… we’ll see.