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New Contest On My Photography Page (Help Out PEI)

September 15, 2011 2:37 pm

Hey all, well I figured since I’m over here in PEI helping out the fine folks at Heavenly Creatures in NFLD, I may as well try to promote or help the PEI Humane Society from over there as well, best part is that you don’t have to do anything :-)

Right now, my photography page is holding a "Likes for Pet Love" contest in which if you ‘like’ my page, from now until October 1st.. I will donate a can of cat food to the PEIHS.

First day is going pretty well, I started at 1024 and I’m now at 1079 which is fantastic! But you can also make a difference over there by liking my photography page..

Len Currie Photography

It’s funny, of all the jobs that I’ve had – and I’ve had every position from a server, dish washer, and even did a few computer programmer jobs which led me into my current position here at BellAliant, but none are as rewarding as the work I do for the non-profit organizations.. I'm not sure what it is.. it just makes me feel good. And I like that.

So head over to my page and like it.. maybe you'll even enjoy the daily photos I post ;-)


Local (to me in PEI) Man Gets The Book Thrown At Him For Animal Abuse

October 5, 2010 10:58 pm

Bud Wheatley pleaded guilty in court on Tuesday.I’m going to call this one a big victory for all animal lovers around the world. I’ve been following this case quite closely since it’s very close to home.. in fact, it’s in my home province of PEI.

Bud Wheatley, former owner of Snookums Pet Store and former owner of PuppiesAcrossCanada.com, was sentenced to five months in jail Tuesday for causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to animals.

He was also ordered by a provincial court in Charlottetown to pay a $200 fine and cover $68,000 in expenses incurred by the provincial Department of Agriculture during both the seizure of the animals and their care. He's also prohibited from owning any companion animals for 10 years with the exception of his 13-year-old dog Sacha.

There is lots to read on this story over at CBC PEI’s website here, but I want you to know that I’m aweful glad that he’s going to be sitting in a cell thinking about all the harm he’s done to animals and people across Canada and the states.. but knowing him, he’ll likely be worrying about where to get the latest wrinkle serums for his ugly face the smug b@stard.