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New Contest On My Photography Page (Help Out PEI)

September 15, 2011 2:37 pm

Hey all, well I figured since I’m over here in PEI helping out the fine folks at Heavenly Creatures in NFLD, I may as well try to promote or help the PEI Humane Society from over there as well, best part is that you don’t have to do anything :-)

Right now, my photography page is holding a "Likes for Pet Love" contest in which if you ‘like’ my page, from now until October 1st.. I will donate a can of cat food to the PEIHS.

First day is going pretty well, I started at 1024 and I’m now at 1079 which is fantastic! But you can also make a difference over there by liking my photography page..

Len Currie Photography

It’s funny, of all the jobs that I’ve had – and I’ve had every position from a server, dish washer, and even did a few computer programmer jobs which led me into my current position here at BellAliant, but none are as rewarding as the work I do for the non-profit organizations.. I'm not sure what it is.. it just makes me feel good. And I like that.

So head over to my page and like it.. maybe you'll even enjoy the daily photos I post ;-)


Dog Whom Was Thrown Away – Saves Girls Life

March 12, 2010 9:32 am

I was forwarded this story by a friend of mine Jennifer, and had to share..

By Laurie LaMonica

Though he was once left to die in a garbage bin, a Terrier mix has found new purpose in caring for and protecting a little girl with a rare neurological disorder. (Pet Pulse Photo by Rob Gill)

Good On Ya Jack!

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- When the Pieters family adopted Jack, a dog once left to die in a dumpster, they hoped he would act as a constant companion to their daughter, Maya.

They never considered that the Terrier mix would also save the little girl's life, on more than one occasion.

Jack's loyalty -- and keen senses -- have proved that one person's trash can truly become another's treasure.

Just ask 8-year-old Maya, who inspired her family's trip to the Humane League of Lancaster County in 2004. When the Pieters saw how seamlessly Maya bonded with Jack, he had nowhere to go but out of the kennel, and into their home.

"Maya was down on her knees and her face as close to the gate as can be and he's licking her and I heard Maya talk more then to him then she had in a whole week," recalled Maya's mother, Michelle Pieters, of their first encounter with the dog.

The connection was exceptional for the young girl, whose condition forces her to struggle with normal oral and social functions.

When Maya was 3-years-old she was diagnosed with congenital bilateral perisylvian syndrome, an extremely rare condition that only 100 to 200 people in the world are reported to have.

The disease affects Maya's oral motor functions -- such as speech and swallowing -- and could cause seizures. But it also took a toll on Maya's self esteem. Always left out by other children, Maya became very withdrawn at a young age.

Maya's speech therapist, Donna Buss, suggested the Pieters family get a dog in 2003. She thought it might benefit Maya's socialization skills. Buss says Maya's shyness made their sessions difficult -- at the time, very little progress was being made.

So the Pieters launched a search to adopt the perfect dog. It took one year to find one that Maya felt comfortable with -- but the wait, in the end, was all the more worthwhile.

Though flea infested and dirty, Jack was the miracle for which the Pieters were searching.

Maya bonded with Jack instantly and the connection would prove more significant than Maya or her parents could have ever predicted.

Jack was sleeping in his crate one morning last year, when suddenly, without apparent provocation, he leaped from his bed and darted up the steps to Maya's room. The door was closed, but Jack sensed that Maya was inside -- and that she, for whatever reason, needed help.

The dog began to relentlessly claw and bark at the door, until Maya's family took notice of the dog's frantic state.

Jack, the Pieters realized, knew exactly what he was doing. Maya was found in her room, having her first seizure in her sleep.

Jack's urgent response to Maya's seizure probably saved her life, as the seizure was a new, unprecedented symptom of her condition.

The Pieters took to calling the little shelter dog "Maya's guardian angel."

Since that first episode, Maya has suffered other seizures. Each time, Jack has been able to preemptively sense when Maya is about to have a seizure. He has broken her fall, sat on top of her to help settle her convulsing body, and when she finally wakes up, licks her tears dry.

Jack has helped Maya in other ways as well. Upon adopting the dog, Maya's oral motor functions have improved drastically. Before Jack, Maya did not speak very often and was very sensitive to her face being touched.

Jack has helped Maya overcome these problems with routine face lickings, playtime and simply standing in as Maya's constant companion.

All of these accomplishments led to Jack's nomination for the Humane Society of the United State's "Valor Dog of the Year," an award to honor and celebrate dogs that have performed extraordinary acts of courage.

Jack competed against heroic dogs across the country, and although he didn't win the main prize, he was granted the "People's Choice" award.

Jack may have no idea he is nationally known for his good deeds. All he knows is someone once gave up on him, threw him away like a piece of trash.

And now, he is loved by a family, cherished by a little girl. In return, as much as Maya Pieters gave him a new chance at life, Jack has given her the same gift, as well.

If you're a pet owner like myself.. well jeez.. I'm near in tears after re-reading the story.

Buying A New Puppy?

October 2, 2009 4:43 pm

Well everyone knows that I'm a big fan of adoption. If you've come to this site, you likely have been looking at an animal of some sort perhaps thinking that you may be interested in adopting them.

There are times however that adopting a puppy or kitty isn't the best choice. When allergies are a problem, or a specific breed is desired.. at that point you go looking for cats or dogs for sale.

In the past, both times that I've adopted a dog(s), I've had a positive experience. Heavenly Creatures was instrumental when I wished to adopt my two wonderful beagles, and the PEI Humane Society was very easy to deal with when the first beagle-mix we had was welcomed into the family.

There are plenty of places online that have kitties and puppies for sale, one such place I just ran across was www.puppies-forsale.co.uk. Yes, I know it's in the UK, but like I say, I just came across it and I started to look and see what the prices of some of the pups are!

Holy smokes! Beagles are expensive!! The cheapest beagle on the site was 500 pounds.. that's over $860! Amazing.. Hmm.. maybe Beagle Paws should start looking to the UK for some adopters? God knows they could likely save some money!

Actually going through the site I can see why this would be popular and the reasons behind the site's launch are clearly explained right at the beginning of the site:


Puppies for Sale began as a result of many failed attempts to purchase our very own puppy.

We were appalled by the number of breeders who were advertising puppies / dogs for sale with little or no regard for the animal's welfare, not to mention the inaccurate advertising of breeds. When we tried to buy our puppy, we were shocked at some of the conditions the puppies (often mis-spelt puppys) were being kept in and by the people breeding them. It soon became apparent that some "breeders" main objective was money making and not the love of their puppies. This is why the Puppies for Sale website was born.

We found, finding the perfect puppy for our home was no easy feat (or should we say paw!) and believe Puppies for Sale will help ease the pain of this process, ensuring you find your perfect furry friend.
To help eliminate some of these poor breeding and living standards, all adverts for puppies and dogs on this website are fully vetted for authenticity andPuppies for Sale has done everything possible to ensure the well being of all puppies and dogs listed on this website.

Our aim is to ensure you find your perfect friend for life, with both peace of mind and ease

Personally I don't like individuals selling puppies as a means of income.. it's pretty ridiculous if you ask me.. but if you have RESPONSIBLE breeders/owners, then I believe this site may merit some attention. Perhaps something like this in Canada would be a good thing?

Why I Donate – A Video To Watch

8:38 am

While most companies (including my work right now) go to great lengths to get people to donate to the United Way, or Cancer Societies, or Hospitals to get new wings on their buildings, or new bariatric exam tables for their patients.. I never really 'bite' on donating to them.

It's certainly not that they aren't good causes or that they aren't deserving or requiring donations.. it's just that I like to donate to help my furry friends whom can't do the fundraising themselves, or even think about it. They are put on this planet to be a companion to someone who loves them, and when I see videos like the following.. it breaks my heart.

This people, is why I donate to the PEI Humane Society, and Heavenly Creatures.. watch the video.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rmYak_66n0 [/youtube]