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Do You Dress Up Your Dog For Halloween?

October 26, 2010 3:07 pm

Well I'm at a loss here for an opinion (for once). One hand, I've dressed up my dog for halloween and it's been really funny actually the times that I've done it - Bella dressed up as a hot dog and Hunter dressed up as the Underdog. But one has to ask themselves at some point .. "How does my dog feel about this?". While there is no question that there is virtually a vast web directory featuring images of pets dressed up, it begs the questions..

Are they embarrassed? Are they going to eat my shoes the next time I leave the house? Perhaps do something in the bed which I would frown upon? Or worse, will they resent me?

It prompts the question: Do dogs feel humiliation?

Experts who work with animals disagree. Some say that that they feel everything and know when people laugh at them, and some say that they don't care and are just usually uncomfortable in the costumes.

Unfortunately, we'll never know  - unless a dog wants to speak up and let us know?

You can read more on the debate at chron.com, but what do you think? Humiliation? Or just old fashioned fun?

Tips For Taking Your Dog Out Trick Or Treating!

October 24, 2009 11:00 am

Will your dog be taking part in Halloween festivities this year? According to a recent PetSmart® survey, one out of every seven pet parents dressed their pets in costumes for Halloween last year. Does this include you?

If you'll be taking your dog along with you for your Halloween fun, you'll want to take some special precautions on this night that can be scary. PetSmart recommends:

  • Pets should remain securely leashed and close to their pet parent’s side as they go trick or treating.
  • For smaller pets, a backpack carrier may provide the safest way to travel the neighborhood.
  • For larger pets, a reflective collar, lead and a lighted ID tag help make your pet more visible to drivers.
  • Reflective leashes, collars and ID tags with flashing lights and even a safety vest are essential accessories to any pet Halloween costume. Pets should also be outfitted with proper identification that includes their pet parent’s contact information.

Make sure your Halloween--and your dog's--is a treat by playing it safe!

Sigh... with this type of weather, I should be worrying less about Halloween, and more about getting somewhere hot and sunny.. orlando vacations or somewhere tropical sound good right about now..

Found at dogtipper.com