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Christmas Idea For The Pet Lover

December 5, 2009 6:55 pm

I just came up with a great idea for the pet owners out there. In this day and age, I still think that gift certificates are a great gift no matter what the occasion.. I really wish that the idea that they 'insensitive' or non-personal would be erased from my memory as truth be told, I LOVE getting gift cards.. (make sure you not that down :P )

Anyhow, I thought of a great gift idea.. why not get gift cards for your local pet wash?? Personally I'd love to have something like this under my tree as it would be a very cool experience for both me and my hounds since I haven't done it before.

Note about this gift idea... I'm in no way responsible for the hyper post-wash antics of your animals after a bath and if they knock off your 60" plasma from the tv stand, don't blame me.

That said, great gift idea.. let me know if you've done this.. or even if you have one locally in NFLD.. I know we have one that opened up a few years ago.. I've yet to go though here in PEI.