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New Contest On My Photography Page (Help Out PEI)

September 15, 2011 2:37 pm

Hey all, well I figured since I’m over here in PEI helping out the fine folks at Heavenly Creatures in NFLD, I may as well try to promote or help the PEI Humane Society from over there as well, best part is that you don’t have to do anything :-)

Right now, my photography page is holding a "Likes for Pet Love" contest in which if you ‘like’ my page, from now until October 1st.. I will donate a can of cat food to the PEIHS.

First day is going pretty well, I started at 1024 and I’m now at 1079 which is fantastic! But you can also make a difference over there by liking my photography page..

Len Currie Photography

It’s funny, of all the jobs that I’ve had – and I’ve had every position from a server, dish washer, and even did a few computer programmer jobs which led me into my current position here at BellAliant, but none are as rewarding as the work I do for the non-profit organizations.. I'm not sure what it is.. it just makes me feel good. And I like that.

So head over to my page and like it.. maybe you'll even enjoy the daily photos I post ;-)


Head To Chapters On The 29th!

November 8, 2010 12:59 pm

Mark your calendars! Do some early Christmas shopping as well as support Heavenly Creatures on November 29th at Chapters on Kenmount Rd.

Chapters will give HC part of the proceeds of any shopping done at their store by Heavenly Creatures supporters between five and nine p.m.

All you need do is tell them that you are there to support Heavenly Creatures when  you make your purchases, and our homeless animals will benefit.

So why not wait until the twenty-ninth to do your Chapters shopping so that you AND the animals will benefit!
Also, Heavenly Creatures will have a donation box there that night, and will be selling our Christmas Draw tickets.

So go buy that book on training your animal, the newest non-fiction novel, perhaps a good thriller, heck even a book on Ferrari parts if you’re so inclined, just get out there and support our great cause!

If you love animals, reading, and Chapters then this is the fundraising event for you!

Terry Fox Run On The Confederation Bridge!

September 20, 2010 10:36 am

imageWhile I certainly don’t claim to be a runner by any stretch, I do wish I had participated this year in the 30th anniversary of the Terry Fox run. Not only is it one of the best causes I know, but this year they opened up the Confederation Bridge here on PEI  for runners of the event!

They do not close the bridge for too many events but this year being the anniversary they made the exception. Over 10,000 participants went over the bridge.. that’s a LOT of people!!!

There are obviously many forms of cancer from Mesothelioma cancer to Breast Cancer and there are not many people out there whom have not known any loved ones affected by the disease.

Well done PEI, and Canada for a great event today and every year, I’m sure NFLD had lots of participants and raised a lot of money for the Terry Fox foundation as well.