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The Hound Routine

March 30, 2011 10:18 pm

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You know, being a dog owner myself - it's easy to just go through day after day and not even realize how lucky we are to have the pets in our lives that we do. I know that I look forward to seeing my little waggy-tailed beagles every time I walk through the door .. to me, they make our house.. a home.

That said, it's interesting how much these dogs are creatures of habit.. and now that they're 5 years old - they are really coming into their age and people ask me all the time 'How are your dogs?".. I always find that I say the same thing nowadays.. "They're perfect".

They have reached the age where they are ok if they don't get a whole bunch of attention, but really love it when you give them some.. and they're starting to get lazy so when we go to work - they just curl up and nothing is a mess when we get home (unless we leave bacon scraps somewhere....hey, I'd make a mess trying to get them too!).

In the morning, they are the first ones up.. pretty much at 6:50 AM flat - they're up and ready for their food.. then it's out they go to do their business. Back in, and then it's under the table and on the mat to where they're hoping to get some of Liz's extra milk she leaves in her cereal (yeah, not the best calcium supplements out there, but whaddya do?). They then almost always head back to bed.. (yes.. I'm very jealous of this..).

They have their afternoon excitement of barking like crazed mad-dogs at the mailman, and another out-time.. then you know, back to bed... waiting for their owners to come home for their 2nd feeding of the day.. supper!!

Lately we've been trying to add some excitement to their food by giving them shaved carrot, turnip, heck the other day I gave them leftover spaghetti squash - they love it! Why wouldn't they? These are good for them!

It's after dinner that we usually head for a walk now that it's nice enough (and light enough) to head outside again.. and then they're content to go back to bed, and wait till the morning in order to do it all again..

Not only do I love my dogs unconditionally, as they love me... I'm also a little jealous of their great little routine :P