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Happy New Year!!

January 4, 2011 12:29 am

Well I hope everyone reading this had a great holiday season and that Santa found you all! I know here in PEI (yes.. I write this from PEI, not NFLD where it's hosted) - Santa did find us, and found my two hounds Hunter and Bella as well!

This year we got some gifts that we likely won't ever use like rain boots for them and some jackets (there's just something about putting a jacket on a hound that I don't particularly like.. heh heh).. anyhow, they did get lots of great rawhide treats, marrow bones laced with nice spices, squeaker toys  and treats, lots of treats.

Actually one of their more popular toys which I thought was cool was this game Liz found for them at Winners. I'm not sure who makes it, but it was pretty slick - we would put a treat in the board, and the hounds would have to use their noses and brains to get at it. Ahhh... food, is there anything else that motivates a hound more than that?

Talk soon everyone!

Discovering the Good In Commercial Pet Food

June 1, 2010 9:09 pm

I just finished reading an article in the NYTimes here which was pretty darn interesting. The article touched on how well we feed our pets and some of the common concerns about the food we feed our beloved family members. An interesting take or portion of the article right at the bottom read I found very interesting:

Besides, the pet food industry serves an important ecological function by using up food that would otherwise be thrown out,” Dr. Nestle said. “If everyone cooked human food for the 472 million cats and dogs in America, it would be like feeding an additional 42 million people.

Isn’t that nuts? Now, I can honestly say that I know what my pets eat and I try to ake sure that what I’m feeding them is healthy, I mean, if I don’t – who will? Mind you I’m not heading on over to http://www.proteinpowder.net to get my pups in some crazy weight gain or muscle building supplement. But knowing what goes into some of the commercial dog foods and where that food comes from I think is important.

Awesome Pet Site For Accessories And Toys

March 16, 2010 8:56 am

So the other day I went to the Agro-Coop here in Charlottetown and splurged on a collar for Hunter. I spent $30 for his new collar (which I do love however) as it's a Harley Davidson collar which is extremely cool. You know it's odd that I'd spent over $20 on a breakfast every Sunday at my favorite restaurant - yet I find it expensive to buy a collar for $30 which my dog will likely wear for years.. why is that??

In any case, the site is called Doggie Stylish and although the site is nothing special as far as design goes - it offers some great deals on some unique collars and leashes. Be warned however that this site caters to the big dog.

Doggie Stylish is your permier source of designer dog collars for big dogs. With the popularity of doggie fashions, it's almost always the little dogs that get all the good stuff.

I think that's a great idea.. although I'm not sure if my beagles fit in the "big dog" category or not, I do like the look of their collars. I'm not one for dressing up my dog in a costume or tuxedo or anything like that.. so sites like this really get me interested in "tricking out" my dog :-)

Coupon! Free Bag Of Denta Stix from Pedigree!

February 14, 2010 4:24 pm

Pedigree has a coupon on their website that you can print for a FREE bad of their Denta Stix dog treats.

Gotta love free item offers, I know my dogs love pretty much anything that pedigree makes, so these suckers are going to be a welcome addition when the come in the mail. All you have to do is register on the site, and they'll send you a free sample.

Free Denta Stix!

So head on over to their site at http://www.mypedigree.ca/site/en/dentastix/index.html and register to get them. While you're at it, feel free to also click here to learn about best hgh supplements. Unrelated to pets, but interesting none-the-less.