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What Are The Best Flowers To Attract Birds?

October 4, 2011 9:09 am

I don’t honestly think I’ve ever posted about birds. They are very common pets and very low-maintenance and generally quite nice to have around – but for whatever reason (read: I’m a dog lover), I don’t get much information on them for that reason.

I wanted to blog about birds though today, but not so much about birds being indoor pets – but what are the best flowers and floral arrangements to attract said birds.Coral Bells & Hummingbird

Now is the time of year that you should be planting for next year.. so why not, if you’re into it – plant some bird-attracting flowers?

While browsing this topic I came across birdwatching.com and they posted the following tips:

  • Landscaping for birds begins with trees and bushes. But the right flowers attract birds also
  • Leave those seeds for the birds from daisies.
  • Zinnias are great for not only the seeds for birds – but also attract butterflies.
  • Red flowers attract hummingbirds (try old-fashioned fuchsias, coral bells, bee balm (shown at right), hybiscus, and petunias.)
  • Birds <3 Sunflowers :p)

Have some fun with it – I’d love to hear your tips on the subject.