Hmm.. Does My Pet Actually Need Annual Shots?

July 17, 2011 11:08 pm

I was recently reading an article that surprised me. I was a firm believer in my hounds getting their annual vaccines as I thought this would prolong their health. The article stated that recent research suggests that your animals only receive their annual shots every 3 years. Ongoing research is exploring the possibility that your pet is protected for life once he’s gotten his puppy shots.

You can read the article here: download Dr. Jones’ free report here

Ever since we purchased health coverage for the beagles, we are thankful that we've never had to use it and obviously hope that never have to look into other cheap term life insurance for the hounds. Vaccines and general animal health are not something to be taken lightly. Next time I take that hounds for their check-up, I’m going to ask the vet for their recommendation on how often the hounds should be getting their vaccines and if there is anything else they should or shouldn’t get so often.

Very interesting read for sure.

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ChrissyB wrote a comment on August 30, 2011

Your vet will probably tell you that they DO need to be vaccinated every year because that's how vets make money and clinics tend to have certain protocols.

I know breeders in the city (and elsewhere) who vaccinate their dogs in the first year and never again. They have blood tests done to do titers for parvo and a couple of other conditions and the dogs never need to be re vaccinated (or very rarely do).

Personally, I gave up doing yearly vaccinations on my dogs awhile ago after I read the current research.

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