Survey Says…Santa loves Pooches more than Kitties

December 10, 2010 10:04 pm

Accourding to a survey conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs and Corporate Communications, 57% of Dog owners will purchase Christmas presents for their pets this year (conversely, only 48% of Cat owners will purchase gifts).

Interestingly enough, the percentages of pet-owners giving gifts to their pets has increased over the last two years over 10%...who says that the economy is tough when it comes to offering a loving gift for your pets.
I am a firm believer that pet presents does not necessarily be tangible, but perhaps spending a little more love and attention their way.  They are often forgotten about on their birthdays, so send some extra love their way on the 25th.

Of course, don't forget that another option this Christmas, and that giving a gift that is sure to make all animals smile (no, its not another bathrobe, or a mens ties), but it will make you feel warm inside: The Gift Of Life!  Not all pets are as lucky as ours, and many animals will spend the holidays trying to survive on the cold streets.

Why not send a gift donation and help save a homeless animal's life instead?

Visit and review their terrific program to support animals during this time.

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