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"The question is not
'Can they reason?',
nor 'Can they talk?',
but rather, 'Can they suffer?'"

Jeremy Bentham, English Philosopher



Help us fill some tummies, and give second chances!

When: Dec. 12th to Dec. 22nd, 2015

Where: Heavenly Creatures' Office, 3-7 Cashin Avenue, St. John's (we're in a grey strip mall like building that borders on Mundy Pond Road - the entrance to our parking lot is on Mundy).

Hours: During the weekdays of the drive we'll be at our office from 6 p.m to 9 p.m. During the weekends of Dec. 13-14th, and 20th-21st, we'll be there from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Your own pets are well taken care of and spoiled, but there are many homeless animals who don't have moms and dads to take care of them, much less spoil them, and so they desperately need HC's help.

Please make a donation of money or pet supplies to help us help them. Consider putting together a "Second Chance Box" for a homeless animal.

What is a Second Chance Box? It's a starter kit/care package for a homeless animal. Every time we send an animal to a foster home we send them with a box of supplies. They need us to provide them with supplies, including this initial care package, as part of their getting a second chance - we need to keep them well fed and happy while they're in foster care awaiting an adoptive home.

For a cat or kitten, that means a litter box, a scratching post, box of litter, litter scoop, a toy, and food, and collar. Total: Approx. $50-$75 depending on where the supplies are purchased/how much is in the box.

For a dog or puppy, that means a bag of food, dishes, chew things, a sturdy collar, a long leash, and a toy. Total: $75-$100 depending on where the supplies are purchased/how much is in the box.

Food Drive Donation:

1. Financial donations with which to pay vet bills.

To donate online:

You can use Paypal above or in the donate section of our website.

E-Transfers can be sent to info@heavenlycreatures.ca (if you need a tax receipt, please send your mailing address with your transfer
). Cheques: P.O. Box 882, Station C, 354 Water Street, St. John's, A1C 1C0

2. Gift cards for stores at which we can buy pet supplies (Pet Planet, PetSmart, Pet City, and Pets Unlimited, Walmart, grocery stores, and Canadian Tire).

3. Wet cat food (Any brand besides Special Kitty, No Name, or Iams - we use Friskies, Whiskas, President's Choice, Fancy Feast, and Meow Mix cups).

4. Scoopable cat litter (Any brand as long as it's scoopable).

5. Scratching posts - any kind (cardboard scratching posts can be purchased at Pets Unlimited, Walmart, and grocery stores for less than $10).

6. Dry cat and dry dog food (any brands besides Special Kitty and No Name).

7. Wet dog food (We prefer to use Kirkland dry when possible).

8. Treats, toys, and cat ollars (the collars should be the safety kind - the type that stretches or has a clasp that releases if caught on something).

Can't Adopt, But Want to Help?

Sponsor a homeless animal by pledging a monthly contribution to cover their food, supplies and veterinary bills.

For less than the price of your weekly coffee, you can save a life and help us find a loving adoptive home.

Earn Your Wings Today! 
SILVER  $9.99/mth
GOLD  $19.99/mth
PLATINUM $29.99/mth
HEAVENLY HALO  $49.99/mth

Your generosity will give one of our creatures a new lease on life! Click here for program details.

The United Way
Donor Choice Program

Start a United Way program at your office or workplace and you can direct your contributions to Heavenly Creatures.

It’s called The United Way Donor Choice Program.

All you need to start is our name and registered charity number:

Heavenly Creatures Inc.

# 8655 53655 RR0001


Are you a store owner or employee in St. Johns, Mt. Pearl, C.B.S. or surrounding areas?
Heavenly Creatures donation box
Heavenly Creatures is looking for stores in which we can place our donation coin boxes. If you know of a business that will allow us to put a donation box on their counter, please let us know. Call 739-0077.


What do you get the animal lover on your Christmas list?

  Winston now:

  Winston before being rescued:

 How about The Gift Of Life!

*** The top pictures were taken of Winston in his foster home after he was rescued; the two bottom pictures were taken the day we met him at a pound - he was filthy, and terrified, and about to be euthanized for space.
                                   Winston's Story

Heavenly Creatures rescued Winston (formerly known as Snowflake) from a pound a few days before Christmas of 2014. He would have been needlessly euthanized had we not taken him - the pound has no adoption program.

At the time, he was - as you can see from his pound pictures - in A LOT of emotional pain.

Winston was a young adult who had no doubt been born on the street. He had been trapped outdoors and impounded, and was decidedly NOT happy about it - being kidnapped by strangers and put in a cage would make any of us very scared and upset.

Poor Winston was in a dirty, blanket-less, toy-less cage at the pound glaring at us with that sad, angry face. He was covered in his own feces, and he was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of people - if you went to close to the cage, he warned you in no uncertain terms to stay away.

We didn't know then whether Winston could be socialized, but our hearts knew we couldn't leave him to die - that sad little face would have haunted us.

So we rescued him from the pound, and got him him to a vet clinic where he was cleaned up, neutered, dewormed, and FIV tested.

Thanks to his wonderful foster parents, Winston learned to trust people.He will always be on the shy side, but he doesn't need to trust everyone, just his family - he was recently ADOPTED!

Winston is a living testament to the power of foster care and what you, our wonderful supporters and donors, make it possible for us to accomplish for homeless animals in our community.

 Help Us Give Animals Like Winston The Gift Of Life!

How about doing something a little differently this year by giving a gift that is sure to make them smile, and is sure to make a difference: The Gift Of Life!

Who needs another bathrobe, or pair of socks? Why not send a gift donation and help save a homeless animal's life instead?

We'll send the person of your choice a personalized Christmas Card confirming your donation to Heavenly Creatures on their behalf, while you will receive a tax receipt.

You can make the donation through the Gift of Life PayPal button above, or through E-mail Money Transfer:


Cheques: P.O. Box 882, Station C, 354 Water St., St. John's, A1C 1C0.

You can also donate through our office: 3-7 Cashin Avenue. We're open from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Wednesday evenings, and noon to five on Saturdays.


Heavenly Creatures'
Christmas Joy Draw


Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5
Draw date is Dec. 22nd, 2015; 7000 tickets printed

1st Prize: $500 worth of GAS from the store of your choice.
2nd Prize: $400 worth of GROCERIES from the store of your choice.
3rd Prize:  $300 suprise basket full of goodies for you and your pet

Tickets can be picked up from our office (3-7 Cashin Avenue; we're in a small, grey strip mall that is on the corner of Cashin and Mayor - the entrance is on Mundy - and we're directly next to a new tropical fish store called Aquarium 101).

Our office is open from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and 12 noon to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

Tickets can also be delivered. If you can help our homeless animals by selling some tickets, but need them delivered, please call us at 739-0077, or e-mail info@heavenlycreatures.ca


By responsibly disposing of your trash, you can help both the environment and homeless animals!

To donate to Heavenly Creatures, drop your recyclables to any Evergreen or Scotia Recycling depot and tell them to donate your refund to Heavenly Creatures' account!

It’s an easy but meaningful way to help our furry friends in need.

Why not set up a recycling drive at your workplace? Each bottle or can and each dime and quarter add up!

Click on a logo below for a list of locations and hours of operation!








No Animals In the Found Spotlight


They make GREAT Christmas gifts, AND your purchase helps us save lives!

Senior Golden Retriever, Daisy, is one of the purrfect former furry orphans who are featured in our 2016 calendar.

All the featured animals were rescued by Heavenly Creatures, and by buying our calendar to look at their beautiful pictures (Huge thanks to Cre8tive Design Studio and Lovestory Photography for making our calendar possible!), and to read their inspiring stories, you'll help us save more homeless animals!


The calendar can be purchased in person at our Heavenly Creatures office or thrift store; both are located at 3-7 Cashin Avenue, St. John's, which is a strip mall that is on the corner of Cashin Avenue and Mundy Pond Rd. You can pay in person by cash or cheque, or you can pre-pay using Paypal:

Buy Calendar (s) - non shipping
You can also pre-pay by sending payment via E-Transfer: hccalendars@gmail.com

Store Hours:
Our thrift store is open from noon to 8 p.m. Monday through Wednesdays, noon to 4 p.m. on Thursdays, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays.

Office Hours:
Our office is open from six to nine p.m. Monday through Wednesday evenings, and from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.


If you need a calendar mailed to you, it's an extra $5 per calendar within Canada (so $25 in total), an extra $10 to the united States per calendar ($30), and an extra $15 per calendar outside North America ($35).

You can e-mail your address and payment to HC volunteer Sarah at hccalendars@gmail.com, or pay using Paypal below:

Shipping Within Canada:

Buy Calendar - shipwithinCanada

Shipping to United States:

Buy Calendar - shiptoUS

Shipping Outside Of North America

Buy Calendar - shipping_outside_NA


There's No Place Like A Foster Home For The Holidays.

Can't adopt but still want to help? Why not foster a cat or dog for the holidays?

Heavenly Creatures is desperately trying to save a number of homeless kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs from needless euthanasia before Christmas.

Many of our foster parents are busy or away during Christmas making it very difficult for us to find space for animals in need, and temporary places for current foster animals over the holidays.

 Are you in town for Christmas? Do you have space in your heart and home to for a furry orphan?

 We provide all vet care and supplies - you provide the love! It's a wonderful and rewarding way to help our furry friends in need.

Heavenly Creatures relies on foster care in order to rescue ANY AND ALL of our animals. More foster homes means more homeless animals can be saved.

Please call 739-0077 for more details.



Does anyone remember Lucky, an emergency rescue from October?
While animal rescue is sometimes emotionally challenging work, when we receive updates like Lucky's, it makes it all worthwhile.

Lucky came to us the second week in October; he was a sick kitty who had been found in the parking lot of a grocery store.

Like many homeless kittens who find themselves on the street trying to survive (either because they've been born there, or have been abandoned by their owners), Lucky was in hard shape.

Lucky would not likely have made it to adulthood on his own. He was covered in lice, was starving, and had a very bad eye.

HC got him to a vet, and then advertised for a foster home for him.

On Oct. 11th, a couple of days after his rescue), Lucky went to live with a woman who agreed to foster him for us.

A little over a month has passed, and what a difference time and TLC make!

Now renamed Sapper, this little guy has gotten much healthier in the last month, and has grown like a weed!

The best news of all is that his foster mom has decided that she has to become his purrmanant mom - she has realized that she can't let him go.

Lucky/Sapper is living proof of why spaying and neutering is so important, why foster parents are angels, and also why animal-rescue groups such as ours are desperately needed in our community.

Sapper is one of the lucky ones (no pun intended), but too many homeless kittens don't get their happy endings.

Please get you cats fixed, and if you have ever thought about fostering or donating, there is no time like the present!

If you are interested in fostering a homeless kitten or cat, please e-mail us at info@heavenlycreatures.ca

If you are interested in donating, please see  www.heavenlycreatures.ca/donate.asp

Last Updated: 11/29/2015

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